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For nearly 30 years, we have been serving our valuable customers with the production of wooden garden furniture, which is our specialty. Our company continues its production with an ever-growing excitement from the first day of its establishment. It is a great source of pride for us to present you with the wooden garden furniture we produce carefully and to ensure your satisfaction.

As Tecirler Wood, we are developing and growing ourselves day by day. Quality, durability, and aesthetics are at the top of our corporate principle. You can review our website and contact us for more information about our production activities and product range that we are trying to explain briefly. If you are looking for a wooden garden furniture manufacturer, you are in the right place.

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Wooden Garden Furniture Near Me

Home; It means the area that belongs to you and represents trust, where you share the most special and important moments of your life. If you have a house with a garden, terrace or large balcony you have always dreamed of, you want everything to be complete to have pleasant moments in these areas. The garden decoration you designed for your garden will be enriched with accessories as well as garden furniture. For the most affordable garden furniture that you can sometimes use for your garden, sometimes for your balconies, all you need to do is contact us.

The most important point to consider when buying garden furniture is whether the products to be used are resistant to weather conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to decide its material before choosing the product. The trees used in the products in the wooden garden furniture group are very diverse. The most durable of these is the teak tree, which attracts attention with its feature of not being affected by water.

If you are looking for wood garden furniture near me please contact us for custom made garden furniture manufacturing.

What wood is best for garden furniture?

  1. Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture is produced in many countries with different techniques, but the highest quality teak furniture comes from machine production. Since teak is a living tree, it should be protected.

When you apply care oils at the beginning of the season, your teak furniture retains its original colors for many years. Otherwise, its quality does not change, but it becomes grayish in time. This does not wear down the tree, it only changes its color.

  1. Cedar Garden Furniture

Another tree in the wooden garden furniture group is cedarwood. The weather-resistant cedar is an impregnated tree. For this reason, although it is dead, it can be used outdoors because it is quite hard. However, since it is dried, it has a risk of cracking over time and therefore needs to be lubricated. Thanks to the special paints of cedar garden furniture that maintains its durability, there are also different color alternatives.

  1. Iroko Garden Furniture

Iroko tree can easily be used in outdoor furniture. Iroko, a living tree, is also highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. Outdoor furniture made from this tree should also be lubricated to increase its durability.

What material is best for outdoor furniture?

The most durable material that can be used for outdoor furniture is wood. Wooden outdoor furniture is very long lasting and useful.

Garden decoration products help your gardens look more beautiful and peaceful. The part of the homes that offer effective solutions for stress and relief is the gardens reflecting natural life. The way to make a garden where children, adults and home guests will enjoy time starts with choosing stylish garden decoration materials. Ceramic and wooden pots, fences, garden furniture, lighting systems, small or large sculptures, authentic items are the most preferred garden decoration products.

Garden furniture is one of the most important decoration products. Choosing garden furniture made of materials resistant to rain, sun, moisture and wind helps you to use it with peace of mind for many years. Swings, garden seating groups, table and chair sets are among the products that attract attention. Accessories consisting of stylishly designed products and functional garden decoration materials also play an important role.

You can examine the category of garden decoration products to organize your gardens and balconies and create practical solutions on your terraces. Products that you can produce comfortable solutions in narrow spaces allow you to create pleasant corners in large areas.

If you are asking ‘What is the best quality outdoor furniture?’ the answer is WOOD. So you can buy your outdoor furniture manufactured with wood. Wood is one of the longest outdoor furniture type. So if you want to buy wood garden furniture set you are in the right place. If you need wood garden furniture near me just contact us. We can manufacture best durable wood garden furniture for you.

Wood garden furnitures gives you peace. So you won’t be regret for this decision.


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