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If you like the natural look of wood, wooden furniture is for you. The most important material used in furniture manufacturing is wood. The durability and long service life of wood caused furniture production to be made of wood. The better the type of wood, the more durable and healthy the furniture is. Many features are used to distinguish the type of wood. The main ones are its color, smell, and brightness.

Wooden furniture that we see in almost all areas of our lives in our homes and offices should be comfortable, stylish, and aesthetic. The functionality of the place where the furniture is used is another important element. It should be healthy and reliable. In terms of health, most ergonomic furniture is preferred in recent years. Anti-bacterial fabrics are used in this furniture.

Custom Made Furniture Company

If you are looking for custom made wood furniture you are in the right address. Because we are one of the best custom wood furniture makers in Turkey. If you need custom wood furniture makers near me please contact us. As Tecirler Wood, we manufacture wooden furniture suitable for every area. Wooden sofa, wooden chair, wooden table and tabletop, pergola, hammock and swing, garden table sets, sunlounger, flower pots, and so on.

We are at your service with wooden furniture suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Solid furniture, where we can feel the texture, warmth, and naturalness of wood, still preserves its identity. While furniture produced with traditional methods, natural or oven-dried trees, and handcrafted craftsmanship become indispensable for our living spaces, furniture with high craft value emerges.

Recently, we see that natural wood designs are more preferred in decoration. Undoubtedly, the most used wooden products for decorative purposes are natural wooden tables and coffee tables.

With the increase of concrete structures, the urge of people to be close to nature ensures that these designs are more included in our lives. The spaces where natural wood designs are used predominantly have become more preferred with the rustic look it has gained as well as the sincerity and warmth of wood.

If you need a custom wooden furniture manufacturer we are here to serve you 7/24.

Why is wood good for furniture?

Advantages of Wooden Furniture / Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

  1. Natural Wood Is Beautiful.

The beauty of wooden furniture comes from its naturalness. Each wooden piece has its beauty and texture, and if these textures and naturalness are blended beautifully, natural-looking aesthetics and real natural beauty will emerge.

  1. Natural Wood Has Long Life.

You can see natural wood furniture that has completed the century, but the longest life of fabricated specially designed furniture cannot be seen for half a century, ie fifty years. Of course, when processing natural wood, you should correctly process it and take protective measures that will extend its life.

  1. Offers Natural Comfort.

Sometimes softness will not mean comfort and convenience. We can say that no technology product offers comfort and natural comfort together as nature itself. The right woods will turn into the most comfortable furniture in the right hands and with the right workmanship.

  1. Wooden furniture is Real Economic Furniture.

It may be a bit expensive compared to fabricated products, but if we bring together factors such as being long-lasting, durable, and natural, we can say that natural wood furniture is the most suitable furniture.

We can count many other reasons, but the most important reason is that nature offers its naturalness to your living space.

Should I buy solid wood furniture?

Yes, you should buy durable wooden furniture. Because it is very long-lasting. If you want to have quality furniture, choose furniture made of wood. Wooden furniture is a very smart investment. Because you will profit very well in the long run. It is always more logical to choose durable wooden furniture than to choose flimsy furniture. If you buy other poor quality furniture, you will have to change it in a short time. However, since wooden furniture is long-lasting, it is also easy to use.

Which wood is best for furniture?

Iroko wood is a very logical type of wood, especially if you are going to prefer outdoor furniture. Because; For example, you will receive a garden sofa set, it must be resistant to outdoor conditions. Likewise, if you want to buy a wooden table set, wooden chair, wooden pergola, wooden hammock, and swing, make sure it is made of Iroko wood.

The Iroko tree dries quickly and beautifully. Iroko wood is easily processed with most machines and hand tools. The nail and screw strength of Iroko wood is very good. It is very easy to clean. If you are looking for an Iroko furniture manufacturer, all you have to do is contact us.

You can check our website for Iroko wooden furniture prices and contact us.


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