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Security is the first and most important aspect of everything. Safety posts, which are used to create safe areas for pedestrians in the open areas and to direct the vehicle traffic as desired, to determine the parking spaces, are manufactured immediately for your orders and delivered within a few days.

The security posts that can be easily installed on the ground have high resistance to corrosion and electrostatic powder paint outer surface that is not affected by climatic conditions. In this painting process, as it gains resistance against seasonal effects thanks to the high heat it is exposed during baking, it can be easily used in any climatic conditions and does not cause any deformation or corrosion in its material.

The security posts, which have been used for many years without losing their durability, are fixed to concrete floors with the help of four steel dowels so that they can be installed immediately without the use of a suitable drill.
You can add order to the city life with the safety barriers we will provide you with very affordable prices.

Our aluminum casting barriers are maintenance-free and can be used for many years.

We must use safety barriers to make the modern city structure more aesthetic.