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Urban furniture in urban areas; In other words, it is the city furniture used by the public in public spaces such as parks, squares, sidewalks, and parking lots. For example; benches, bus stops, street lights, trash cans, and bicycle racks are urban furniture.
Urban furniture; they can be functional, aesthetic, or for both functional and aesthetic purposes. These objects surrounding our urban living spaces affect our psychology and our behavior. Well thought out and qualified street furniture enhances our public space experience.

As Tecirler, we are among the leading companies in the production of urban furniture.
Bicycle racks; It is also called a bicycle parking area. It is a practical product applied for parking of bicycles in all open or closed car parks, building entrances, in front of stores, and any environment with bicycles. It is especially preferred by residents and homeowners.

As a result of the irregular parking of bicycles, image pollution is encountered. For this reason, owners of businesses, buildings, or institutions who want regular parking spaces use this product for bicycles. Bicycle owners can easily park their bikes and arrange them regularly. Thus, bicycle owners can park their bikes in their own parking spaces. In this way, image pollution, bicycle theft events, and many more problems that may occur are prevented.

We produce bicycle racks suitable for urban areas with quality materials and workmanship. It is resistant to impacts and bad weather. Easy assembly and application are made. They are affordable products.