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Bench Models

Bench models, which are one of the most functional parts of garden and park design, are presented to you with the quality and privilege of Tecirler. Wooden bench models, which you can buy with dozens of different designs, colors, and sizes, also attract attention to their comfortable structures.

Bench Usage Areas

Benches are often preferred as garden furniture for homes. Benches that can form a perfect design together with a stylish garden table can be used on the balcony for houses where there is no suitable garden. The smaller size of the benches preferred for balconies saves space.

Apart from the garden and balconies, the benches have a wide range of uses; You can also choose your restaurants, cafes, and other businesses. You can use benches in all indoor and outdoor areas with a suitable concept.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the height and width according to the area to be used when purchasing benches. Benches that fall below the standards that meet your needs may not provide ideal comfort for your back and legs while sitting.

What are the bench sizes?

Bench measures; varies according to the product’s purpose, brand, technical features, and usage area. Although the general length standard for classical style wooden benches is 142 cm, products of different length sizes are frequently encountered for garden benches and balcony benches.