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Sunlounger Models

The sunbed models that you can use outdoors such as poolside, garden, or seashore are presented to you in different features. The category, where you can find portable sunbed models as well as folding sunbed models, provides solutions for your every need.

What are the Usage Areas of Sunbed?

Products such as sun loungers, which are frequently used in areas such as the seaside and camping, provide you with different designs and a high comfort structure. Portable sunbed models, which differ according to the materials and sizes used in the structure, can be easily moved to anywhere you want with their lightweight structure.

Beach lounger models, designed by the structure of the body and joints, can be in the form of wheels, foldable, or armchairs. You can experience comfort by choosing the sunbed model suitable for your usage area.
It is important to clean the sun loungers, which can be easily contaminated due to their outdoor use, with a cleaning agent suitable for the material used in the structure. You should also pay attention to the fact that the cloth you use while cleaning your sunbed is not stiff in terms of not scratching the sunbed.

How To Clean Sunbed Cushion?

The cleaning of the cushions used on the sunbeds in the garden furniture may differ depending on the material of the product. You can wash the sponge and zippered cushions in the washing machine at a low temperature by removing the liner. You can wipe your waterproof plastic mattresses with the help of a suitable detergent and cloth.

Tecirler’s sunlounger models with different colors and materials; It offers long-lasting use with its easy-to-clean structure, stylish designs, and quality.

Most Useful Sunbed Models

You can have the most useful products that you may need in garden furniture such as sun loungers, chaise lounges, camping chairs, and foldable chairs with the guarantee of Tecirler. You can immediately choose any of the affordable sunbed models that appeal to every budget.