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Pergola models, one of the indispensable areas of the garden, park, and other green areas, meet their users with the assurance of Tecirler. Our pergola models, which contain dozens of different designs, create both comfortable and eye-catching areas!

Pergola Selection Suitable for the Area to be Used

To choose the most suitable camellia & pergola according to the area to be used, you must first consider the area. Using large garden furniture models and pergolas in tight spaces will make the area complex and cramped. You can create a simple and spacious design by using small and functional garden arbor options in such areas.
The number of people who will use pergola is also an important factor. Large pergolas will be more useful if there is space for large families. If the area is earthy and there is a possibility of mud, you can choose ready-made pergola models.

How should the selection of a table suitable for Pergola be?

Pergola varieties can be purchased with or without a table upon request. Models with a table have tables and benches suitable for design within the pergola. If you do not want to use these benches, you can choose models without tables and create a suitable design with your garden furniture.

The tables, benches, and chairs you use in pergola mustn’t restrict the space. While the tables and chairs are in use, there should be enough space to allow people to pass. You can choose to open and close garden furniture to increase functionality.