About Us - Tecirler


Tecirler Hardwood Company which is working in the hardwood industry from 1998, is looking through the future with confidence from the perspective of its vision, transparency, and the awareness of social and professional responsibility.

Our Company has established its organizational structure and high-level business values on innovation. With the help of this principle, and it's constantly developing and growing structure, Tecirler Hardwood is on its way to becoming a reliable brand in the hardwood sector. We continue our business with our 20-year-of experience, our technical staff, and professional teams.


Our factory is established in a 2240m² area with 2000m² enclosed space in Arnavutkoy. We are serving until 1998 with our factory, technical and designing team for more than 21 years.

With more than 21 years of experience, Tecirler Hardwood is manufacturing Deck, Wood Structures, sidings, pergola, wooden window frames. We are also making wooden restoration businesses.