Tecirler Wood

Japanese Roof Design Picnic Table

Produced from pine / spruce timber.
Poles are laminated.
Convenient and durable product.

Painted with wood-specific exterior paint.
Painted with water-based paint. It is effective against infestation.

The ground part is metal.
The wood does not touch the floor.
The metal part is electro galvanized and painted with electrostatic paint.
Protected against rotting. It’s very long lasting.

On the roof part, the membrane is adhered to the panelling with heat.
A shingle is hammered on the membrane.
Resistant to severe weather conditions.

Our product is presented in a package.
The set up can be done by three amateurs pax in 2 hours.
The set up time of the professional team is 40 minutes.

The set up scheme is available sequentially in the packages.
Fasteners are available in the packages completely.

We wish you to use it in good days.

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